The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is Government Verified To Reduce Fuel Cost, Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Reduce Particulate Matter, Reduce NOx, Reduce CO2, Reduce CO, Reduce Hydrocarbons, Reduce Volatile Organics, Reduce Diesel Exhaust Pollution, Reduce Black Smoke and Reduce Soot. Pays For Itself in 3 to 12 Months in Fuel Savings

 Rentar Fuel Catalyst

      Fuel and Carbon Emission Solutions









The RENTAR Companies - Our 50th Year



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 Rentar Fuel Catalyst 11586 Pierson Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33414

Results vary based with the applications, type of engine and type of fuel utilize

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Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc is an ACCREDITED A+ Rated Company with the Better Business Bureau



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