The Rentar Fuel Catalyst is Government Verified To Reduce Fuel Cost, Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Reduce Particulate Matter, Reduce NOx, Reduce CO2, Reduce CO, Reduce Hydrocarbons, Reduce Volatile Organics, Reduce Diesel Exhaust Pollution, Reduce Black Smoke and Reduce Soot. Pays For Itself in 3 to 12 Months in Fuel Savings

 Rentar Fuel Catalyst

      Fuel and Carbon Emission Solutions







                                                                THE SCIENCE OF THE RENTAR FUEL CATALYST


             As fuel is passed over the Rentar Fuel Catalyst’s patented combination of

             metals and rare earth elements, several reactions occur.


             These include the polarization of the hydrocarbon fuel molecules through

             the formation of an EMF within the enclosure of the catalyst which leads to

             changes in the ratio of single bonded saturated long straight-chain aliphatic

             molecules to double bonded non-saturated shorter ring-compound aromatics

             molecules which results in the release of a small quantity of hydrogen gas.  


             A lower fuel vapor density is created allowing for an increased interspersion

             of the Hydrogen gas with the fuel.  The new mixture of hydrocarbons and

             small quantities of released hydrogen results in a better and more complete

             burn with more energy produced with less fuel.  This is a similar to what

             occurs in oil refineries during the process known as “cracking”




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Results vary based with the applications, type of engine and type of fuel utilize

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